Yesterday we took a trip to Tilden Park with good friends.  We visited the Little Farm which is just a little farm with animals that the kids can see, pet, and feed.  You have to bring your own celery or lettuce (the only food allowed to be fed to the animals), so we brought a few heads of lettuce.

The first animal that you come to are the cows and Chloe was pretty scared of them.  I mean, they are huge from her perspective!  And they were moo-ing.  I was worried that the whole experience was just going to be too scary.  Then we saw the chickens.  She was still pretty apprehensive.  We made the “brk, brk” sounds and started reciting lines from her various animal books so she would make the connection.  But next came the bunnies.  She finally started to warm up.  Those bunnies were nice and calm and not so loud!  Finally we got to the baby cows, and she loved them!  We started feeding them the lettuce that we brought, and I helped her to feed them too.  As they took the lettuce from her hand, their big tongues and soft lips touched her fingers.  She got really excited.  We stayed with the cows for quite a while.  So by the time we got to the goats, she was confident, and having a great time.  She wanted to stand on her own.  She fed them the lettuces, and petted their necks. She marched around, and strutted, and squealed.  (Oh, and we also witnessed mating sheep!!  We thought it was awesome, but some of the other parents were really disturbed!)

On our way back to the car, we walked past the big cows again and she was happy to march right up to them.  She “mooo’d” back at them and fed them lettuce.  Then she danced a jig and stomped and marched and squealed with delight all the way back to the car.

And then she fell fast asleep!

We can’t wait to go again.

So here’s a video of Chloe feeding the baby cows.  It’s a bit dark- sorry.

And here is a video of Chloe playing in the water on a hot day…a little blurry, but you get the idea!


Wow.  What a great year its been.  Chloe has turned a year old and is really showing her personality.  She started walking literally days before her birthday and hasn’t sat down since. She’s now into all the drawers, cabinets, and closets that she can reach.  She says, “hi” nearly constantly, and is beginning to say, “hi Ginger” (my parents’ dog) even when she sees our cat walk by.  She definitely knows who Mommy and Daddy are, but doesn’t really speak the words yet.  She’s still only got 4 teeth but loves feeding herself finger food so we’re creating all the soft-ish finger-foods we can think of.  But there’s a lot of fruit, sweet potatoes, mozzarella, and scrambled eggs in her diet!

She loves to give kisses and says, “mmmmaa” when she kisses her dolly.  She does this little body-wiggle dance move when ever she hears any music but responds most to Ray Charles and Otis Redding (awesome!)

We had Scott’s family in town so Chloe got to meet two of her cousins- Sophie and Sydney, for the first time, along with two of her aunts and uncle.  It was great to have the kiddos together.

We had a little birthday party for her with a lot of family and friends.  It was great.  Chloe had her first taste of refined sugar and boy did she like it!  She took a taste, and then immediately went back for more, nearly burying her face in that blue cupcake.  (And the cupcakes were blue because that seems to be the color she gravitates to with her toys).  Here are a few pics and videos…

…and all the dancing was totally unprompted!

Wow.  I can’t believe how fast Chloe grows and learns.  She’s suddenly taken to walking all around the house with her little push-cart.  When my parents first got it for her she was pretty wary but then….she was off!  She’s started clapping and even bouncing up and down to music.  She’s crawling everywhere now but hasn’t quite gotten the concept that she can get down on her hands and knees to crawl when she’s standing up.  But if she’s already down there she gets where she wants to go.

She loves taking baths and gets really excited when I turn on the water.  She stands at the side of the tub wiggling with excitement.

Chloe’s favorite place to play is at our coffee table.  It’s the perfect height for her, so I’ve put all kinds of fun toys up there.  We’ve got a metal mixing bowl and wooden spoon that make a great “bang, bang” as well as wooden blocks…and her favorite of all…the coasters.  Yes, the ones you put your drink on.  As soon as she gets to the coffee table she picks one up  and must have one in her hand at all times.

Her other favorite play toy is Peru- the kitty.  Chloe gets a huge smile on her face when she sees the kitty and I think she’s actually saying the word, “kitty”.  Of course, when I say, “where’s Daddy?” she automatically looks at the cat.  “Kitty”, “Daddy”…pretty similar-sounding words!  Chloe’s affection for Peru almost makes her a less-annoying animal…good thing Chloe is so in love.  She’s bought that cat some extra time! 🙂

She blows “raspberries” all the time, especially with Boppa.  She thinks he’s just about the funniest guy in the whole world.  She also likes to blow raspberries when she’s eating which gets a little messy.  Especially when she’s eating beets!  And speaking of beets, they are one of her favorite foods.  She also loves strawberries, blueberries and yam.  We tried asparagus….um…not such a success!

So here are some fairly recent pictures and a couple videos.


Just within the past couple days, Chloe has begun to slither around.  Especially on our hard-wood floors.

Well, it seems that I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping this updated!  But I thought I had to write today because Chloe is finally cutting her first tooth!  She was gnawing on my finger when I felt the little ridge.  It’s her right, lower, front tooth.  So cute!

Aside from that, she wiggles around a lot on the floor, but isn’t quite crawling yet.  She has trouble going forward.  But she pivot’s around a lot, rolling this way and that til she gets where she wants to go.  She also does this “caterpiller” thing with her butt in the air, trying to get her knees underneath her.  She’ll be crawling soon!

We’ve set up the high chair for her, which I love because she’ll sit in it for quite a while, banging tupperware, while I get things done.

We took an infant/child CPR class finally which was wonderful.  I’m so glad we did. A lot has changed since I last took it, about 10 years ago!

We took her to Monterey two weeks ago and had a reallly relaxing vacation.  We all left feeling well-rested (seriously!!)-  I haven’t had that much sleep in…oh…EIGHT MONTHS! We took naps, went to bed early….ahhhhh.  She also managed to poop her biggest, messiest poop ever while we were out to dinner.  It required two changes of the bath water to “rectify that situation”!  Note to self: When your baby’s back feels sweaty…it might not really be sweat…

And on that note…that’s all the “news in Lake Woebegone”.

Ugg.  The pictures and posts are becoming few and far between.  So…little…time.  ‘Course, it doesn’t help that we’re trying to open a restaurant at the same time.  I’m loving that the days are getting longer because it means that I can go for walks with Chloe after I get home from work.  I put her in the Ergo carrier so that I can benefit from the walk too!

Here are a couple videos from the past few days…

6 months old!

Wow.  Time flies.  And I know every mother says it, but I can’t believe my little baby is already so big.  Chloe’s learning new things every day.  She’s started blowing raspberries (again) with such strength that I think she must be getting an abs work-out doing it!  She’s very vocal these days with rambling nonsense noises as well as screeches and coos.  And she’s also started doing this funny breathing thing that reminds of Lamaze breathing!

So Chloe is becoming more and more darling and beautiful every day (of course I must say that- I’m the mama!).  Sorry for the length of these videos, but I thought it might be better than a quick snap-shot to show you far-away folks what she’s really doing.