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21 weeks

Still feeling good!  We had our monthly check up and took bets on how much weight I’ve gained in the last month…Scott won at 5 pounds! (A total of 12 pounds so far…)…that means I’ve already gained 10% of my body weight!  My feet need a rest periodically throughout my 8-hour work shift, because they ache!! I think I’ll have to bring a chair onto the line with me soon…

I easily huff and puff going up and down the stairs at work and when I go for walks around the neighborhood.  Now that the weather is warming up, though, I’ve been going to the pool which is a glorious, weightless feeling!

The little bug(ette) is moving around quite a bit these days, especially when I sit down (maybe that’s a sign that I should really take a load off more often!), but Scott still hasn’t had the chance to feel her movements…one day soon, I hope!


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20 weeks

…and today…

Everything looks normal and healthy and she weighs 12 ounces!  Now we can start thinking about names…

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17 weeks

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We have a little “Goldenbug” on the way.  We are due July 31st!

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