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25 weeks

On our way out the door for Sunday brunch at Camino!  Day 1 of vacation for us, we decided to start it off by celebrating Scott’s birthday (yesterday) with Jon, Kayta, and Margaret.  They gave him a bottle of Scotch which I looked at longingly and will dream about for the next 3-1/2 months!

At 25 weeks, people are finally able to tell that, yes, I’m pregnant.  There’s no mistaking now.  I’ve been getting charlie horses in my calves and feet in the middle of the night -just preparing me for the upcoming sleep deprivation, I’m sure!  Otherwise, I’m starting to slow down a little at work and those stairs are gonna get the best of me soon!  I’m still hungry all the time and can’t seem to get enough water.  Soooooo thirsty!  The Little Golden Bug has been dancing up a storm and even got me giggling the other day as I lay down for a nap- she was kicking me in the side and it tickled!

So, off we go to New York tomorrow for a whirlwind of food, food, family, wedding, family and food.  Nothing like pregnancy to keep our vacation on a budget- I’m a cheap date when I can’t drink!  Scott has our trip totally planned out. I think he’ll be on foot-rub duty!  But he’s an angel…


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