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flower soup

Gilbert pulled these out of the Zuni arrangement and insisted that Scott bring them home for me.  Scott told him, “Gilbert, all our vases are packed!  We have nowhere to put such huge flowers!”  Gilbert told him, “Scotty- put them in a stock-pot, put them where ever!  Emily needs flowers!”

…and so here they are, beautiful flowers in a stockpot!


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34-1/2 weeks

Today I’m home from work.  And tomorrow too.  I had to go in to Labor and Delivery last night because of increased pressure in my abdomen and back.  I called in advance for advice and was told to sit down for 30 minutes (I was at work) and drink two, big glasses of water.  If the pressure stayed the same or got worse, I was to go in to be checked out.  The pain did get worse, so much that it was making me nauseous.  So we finally went to the hospital.  They said that I was having Braxton Hicks contractions which I wasn’t even aware of.  The baby looked perfectly healthy with plenty of movement and a strong heartbeat.  The doctor said that she has dropped and is, in fact, quite low.  So that’s why I have so much pressure in my abdomen.  The reason for the back pain is because my heavy uterus is pulling in a downward motion.  She told me that I’d benefit from a “belly harness” which will help to support the extra weight and relieve the pressure.  Also that I should not lift anything over 10 pounds.  She seems to think that I should be okay going back to work, so long as the pain isn’t unbearable.  We didn’t get home from the hospital and into bed until 2:00am-ish.  I took a hot shower which really helped the pain, but it came right back as soon as that soothing hot water was gone.  I hardly slept due to being so uncomfortable.  So today and tomorrow I am to stay off my feet and drink plenty of water.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to “normal life” soon!

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I found this a little funny:

Yesterday, Gilbert (one of the owners of Zuni) came to me asking if I knew, unequivocally, when my last day at work would be…

Hmm…my plan has been to work as long as I possibly can…

…and who knows if I’ll go in to labor early!…

…or late…

…apparently he’s trying to plan a vacation…

…if I knew, unequivocally, this little girl’s birthday…

…then I’d surely share it with y’all…

…but alas…

…I don’t.

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31 Weeks

So here we are at 31 weeks, about 7 months! And this is my favorite outfit-  my denim skirt and a tank top- cool and comfortable (about all I care about these days!).

We’re getting everything in order to move in about a month- hooray for 3 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and an old Wedgewood stove!!  But given that all our free time is already taken up with doctor’s appointments, meetings with the doula, and birth classes, we’re wondering how we’re possibly going to find the time (and energy!) to get packed.  And we’ve somehow managed to time it all for the week when my parents will be out of the country!

I realized for the first time last week, that I might not be able to “power through” to the end of the pregnancy at work.  My first day back after a day off is usually okay, but a few days in to the week gets pretty rough and I come home completely exhausted, sore, and achy from being so active and on my feet for 8 hours.  We’ll see how it goes, but I think I may have to go out a couple weeks early, or maybe just cut down to 3 days per week.

At my last appointment, I weighed in at 127- so I I’ve gained 21 pounds so far, about 20% of my original body weight- that totally cracks me up!  It just feels so weird to be so heavy!

I finally got a swim-suit that fits me, so I’ve been trying to get over to the pool for a little swim.  Mostly because it’s so relaxing!  The doctor recommends going for a 30 minute walk everyday, but I’ve discovered that the extra walking is the last thing I need because of all the hours on my feet at work.  The more I can get off my feet, the better.  I’m still waking up multiple times throughout the night because of cramps in my calves, and I get excruciating cramps in the arches of my feet after standing for about 6 hours or so.  So the swim helps me to loosen up and relax and give my legs and feet a break!

Mostly, I’m feeling fine, though a little crabbier, testier, and impatient than normal- haha!  Poor, sweet Scott!  He’s very accommodating!

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