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Well, we’ve had time enough to snap a few pictures, but it’s difficult to find the time to work on the computer!

Today, Chloe is four weeks old and she has changed so much already.

When she was only a week-an-a half old, we packed up the car (holy moly- it was packed to the gills) and drove to Pine Mountain Lake to vacation with my parents.  They rented a house, as they have done every summer since I was 16, and friends and family trickle in and out.  We spent a whole week up there which was wonderful and relaxing.  Chloe was passed around, giving Scott and me a little break.  Mid-way through the trip, Chloe started keeping her eyes open and trying to focus on people.  It was fun to see!

Then the three of us spent a week at home, acclimating to our new lives.  It was nice to really settle in and get used to our routine.

Scott went back to work this past Saturday which I had really been dreading.  But we’ve figured out how to get along without him during the day.  I sure am glad when he comes home though!

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks…


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Birth Day

Lovely Chloe April Goldenberg was born on July 29, 2010 at 10:24pm.  The labor was soooo fast!  My water broke at 6:45, just as Laura was pulling up to the house to have dinner with me.  My first contraction was 9 minutes later.  Then 7 minutes later, then 5 minutes later, then 3 minutes later!!  Scott was at work in San Francisco, and finally got home shortly before 8pm.  Because everything was progressing so rapidly, Laura loaded all our things into her car, just in case she needed to drive me to the hospital.  But thankfully, Scott arrived home just in time to jump in the car and go.  We drove all the way to Walnut Creek with my contractions hovering around 3 minutes apart.  Once we arrived, we left everything in the car because we wanted to get in that hospital right away!  I had a few contractions as we walked.  We were almost to the door when I had another contraction.  A lady nearby saw us and ran to get a wheelchair from the security guards.  Finally, they wheeled me into the hospital (over the bumpy tile floor!!) and the security guards led us to the utility elevator (thank goodness for them!).  Once we got to triage the nurse started asking questions, and was frustrated that we hadn’t brought any of our paperwork or consent forms with us.  She didn’t realize that I was so far into the labor.  We had to wait for a mid-wife to come check me, but they were really busy and it was taking a long time.  Finally, we asked the nurse to check me herself.  I was having another contraction as she checked me and she couldn’t get a good read.  Meanwhile, I had the urge to push.  So they pulled a surgeon in from the hallway to check me instead of waiting for a mid-wife.  He said that I was already 9-1/2 cm dilated.  That really kicked the nurse into gear!  They rushed me into the delivery room and I immediately started pushing.  I pushed for only 1-1/2 hours.  From start to finish, the whole thing was about 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Thank goodness Monique (our doula) was there.  Scott and I were both caught by surprise at how rapidly it progressed.  My family, along with some close family friends were in the waiting room, and came in for a visit after we’d had some time to rest and nurse.  We finally got settled into our room around 1am, exhausted and happy.

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