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5 weeks

Everything I set out to do these days must be done as quickly as possible, because you just never know how long that nap will last!  Right now, Chloe is sleeping on the couch listening to the Beatles…here comes the sun, little darlin’…

We’ve had a good run, so far.  I finally realized a couple days ago that the best way to have a great day is to simply assume that I’ll get nothing done.  Then, when I actually run the dishwasher, for example, I feel like I’ve accomplished far more than I set out to do! (What would I have done before we had a dishwasher?!?!)

Here are a few pictures from the recent days…be sure to hover your mouse over the photos to see the captions!

That was taken in Pine Mountain Lake.  In Boppa’s arms wearing Boppa’s hat!

Who knows if she’ll keep all this hair, but for the time being, I’m loving it- so cute.

Alright you crazy Italians…what are you teaching my daughter??

She’s really filling out in the past few days!  Luckily I’ve stayed ahead in pumping milk- last night she drank everything I had and was still demanding more so Scott fed her some of my pumped milk.  That monkey gown is the same gown that she wore home from the hospital, only now- she actually fits in it!

Kisses from all of us!


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