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Christmas with Chloe

We had a family and friend-filled Christmas this year.  We had a little Christmas Eve gathering at our house and then spent time at my folks’ house all day on Christmas.  Scott’s mom flew in from FL to spend the whole season with us too!  We opened gifts just among us at our house Christmas Eve, then did it again on Christmas morning with the whole family, and then again that afternoon when my uncle Paul arrived.  Chloe managed to sleep through each one!  But it was actually great because I feared she would be a basket-case having her daily rhythm so disturbed.  She got some great new toys, books, hats, and barrettes.  And we snapped about a million pictures because, of course, it was Chloe’s First Christmas!


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4-1/2 months

Well, we are attempting to sleep train this sweet little girl and so here I am posting from bed as she cries it out. I think there is supposed to be a light at the end of this sleepless tunnel?

We’ve had a busy December so far with a visit from Auntie Audry and Uncle Jerry. We had such a great time with them and of course they got to hang out with Chloe. Now Grammy (Scott’s mom) is here through Christmas. Chloe took to her right away!

Chloe is sitting easily in her Bumbo chair now so I can put her up on the counter (away from the edge!) with me as I work in the kitchen. We have also just started putting her in her jumpy-swing. She doesn’t quite get it yet but she’ll sit in it for a few minutes and play with the toys.

I still totally crack up over these “photo shoots”. I’ve come to love the “bad” pictures because they really show Chloe as herself rather than a perfectly posed baby!

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4 months!

Wow.  Not much extra time these days.  And to boot, I’ve come down with a head cold that I’m really hoping doesn’t get passed on to Chloe (or Scott, for that matter!)

So I’ll have to keep this quick while Chloe is temporarily occupied in her Bumbo seat…

Here’s a funny little video that totally cracked us up! Sorry, it’s a little dark.


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