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6 months old!

Wow.  Time flies.  And I know every mother says it, but I can’t believe my little baby is already so big.  Chloe’s learning new things every day.  She’s started blowing raspberries (again) with such strength that I think she must be getting an abs work-out doing it!  She’s very vocal these days with rambling nonsense noises as well as screeches and coos.  And she’s also started doing this funny breathing thing that reminds of Lamaze breathing!

So Chloe is becoming more and more darling and beautiful every day (of course I must say that- I’m the mama!).  Sorry for the length of these videos, but I thought it might be better than a quick snap-shot to show you far-away folks what she’s really doing.


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5-1/2 months

I’m pretty sure I’m falling behind on a great many things! But at least I’ve got a little video for you all…


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