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She’s Slitherin’

Just within the past couple days, Chloe has begun to slither around.  Especially on our hard-wood floors.


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8 months old

Well, it seems that I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping this updated!  But I thought I had to write today because Chloe is finally cutting her first tooth!  She was gnawing on my finger when I felt the little ridge.  It’s her right, lower, front tooth.  So cute!

Aside from that, she wiggles around a lot on the floor, but isn’t quite crawling yet.  She has trouble going forward.  But she pivot’s around a lot, rolling this way and that til she gets where she wants to go.  She also does this “caterpiller” thing with her butt in the air, trying to get her knees underneath her.  She’ll be crawling soon!

We’ve set up the high chair for her, which I love because she’ll sit in it for quite a while, banging tupperware, while I get things done.

We took an infant/child CPR class finally which was wonderful.  I’m so glad we did. A lot has changed since I last took it, about 10 years ago!

We took her to Monterey two weeks ago and had a reallly relaxing vacation.  We all left feeling well-rested (seriously!!)-  I haven’t had that much sleep in…oh…EIGHT MONTHS! We took naps, went to bed early….ahhhhh.  She also managed to poop her biggest, messiest poop ever while we were out to dinner.  It required two changes of the bath water to “rectify that situation”!  Note to self: When your baby’s back feels sweaty…it might not really be sweat…

And on that note…that’s all the “news in Lake Woebegone”.

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