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Chloe- 10 months!

Wow.  I can’t believe how fast Chloe grows and learns.  She’s suddenly taken to walking all around the house with her little push-cart.  When my parents first got it for her she was pretty wary but then….she was off!  She’s started clapping and even bouncing up and down to music.  She’s crawling everywhere now but hasn’t quite gotten the concept that she can get down on her hands and knees to crawl when she’s standing up.  But if she’s already down there she gets where she wants to go.

She loves taking baths and gets really excited when I turn on the water.  She stands at the side of the tub wiggling with excitement.

Chloe’s favorite place to play is at our coffee table.  It’s the perfect height for her, so I’ve put all kinds of fun toys up there.  We’ve got a metal mixing bowl and wooden spoon that make a great “bang, bang” as well as wooden blocks…and her favorite of all…the coasters.  Yes, the ones you put your drink on.  As soon as she gets to the coffee table she picks one up  and must have one in her hand at all times.

Her other favorite play toy is Peru- the kitty.  Chloe gets a huge smile on her face when she sees the kitty and I think she’s actually saying the word, “kitty”.  Of course, when I say, “where’s Daddy?” she automatically looks at the cat.  “Kitty”, “Daddy”…pretty similar-sounding words!  Chloe’s affection for Peru almost makes her a less-annoying animal…good thing Chloe is so in love.  She’s bought that cat some extra time! 🙂

She blows “raspberries” all the time, especially with Boppa.  She thinks he’s just about the funniest guy in the whole world.  She also likes to blow raspberries when she’s eating which gets a little messy.  Especially when she’s eating beets!  And speaking of beets, they are one of her favorite foods.  She also loves strawberries, blueberries and yam.  We tried asparagus….um…not such a success!

So here are some fairly recent pictures and a couple videos.



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