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A trip to the Little Farm

Yesterday we took a trip to Tilden Park with good friends.  We visited the Little Farm which is just a little farm with animals that the kids can see, pet, and feed.  You have to bring your own celery or lettuce (the only food allowed to be fed to the animals), so we brought a few heads of lettuce.

The first animal that you come to are the cows and Chloe was pretty scared of them.  I mean, they are huge from her perspective!  And they were moo-ing.  I was worried that the whole experience was just going to be too scary.  Then we saw the chickens.  She was still pretty apprehensive.  We made the “brk, brk” sounds and started reciting lines from her various animal books so she would make the connection.  But next came the bunnies.  She finally started to warm up.  Those bunnies were nice and calm and not so loud!  Finally we got to the baby cows, and she loved them!  We started feeding them the lettuce that we brought, and I helped her to feed them too.  As they took the lettuce from her hand, their big tongues and soft lips touched her fingers.  She got really excited.  We stayed with the cows for quite a while.  So by the time we got to the goats, she was confident, and having a great time.  She wanted to stand on her own.  She fed them the lettuces, and petted their necks. She marched around, and strutted, and squealed.  (Oh, and we also witnessed mating sheep!!  We thought it was awesome, but some of the other parents were really disturbed!)

On our way back to the car, we walked past the big cows again and she was happy to march right up to them.  She “mooo’d” back at them and fed them lettuce.  Then she danced a jig and stomped and marched and squealed with delight all the way back to the car.

And then she fell fast asleep!

We can’t wait to go again.

So here’s a video of Chloe feeding the baby cows.  It’s a bit dark- sorry.

And here is a video of Chloe playing in the water on a hot day…a little blurry, but you get the idea!


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